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Technique Spotlight: Shadow Stamping with Stencils

I know it's a shock to those of you who know me a bit, but when returning home from family dinner tonight, I had no idea what video tutorial I was going to film and write about on my blog tonight. I thought I wanted to share a technique, but which one? Yes, there are so many - countless, really - and I didn't want to make it something that was complicated or time consuming, being it was almost 8pm. I chose a technique by heading to Pinterest to type in "stamping techniques." I told Grace, my daughter, that was going to use the first technique that popped up. The first wasn't really a tantalizing technique, so I went with the second: Shadow Stamping with Stencils.

The basic idea is simple:

1. Place a simple stencil (Artistic Mix) on cardstock (in my case Crumb Cake, 4 1/4" x 11"), and apply white ink using a Blending Brush.

Remove stencil and allow the ink to dry.

2. Replace the stencil, but move it up and over or down and over just a wee bit so it's off-set from the original image.

3. Adhere color(s) using Blending Brushes.

The results are just fun and happy, right?

The white helps to make the plaid pop and look almost 3D. The finished card is made perfect using only two more pieces of cardstock cut with the Nested Essentials Dies and some Glossy Dots.

You can watch here as I make this card. My guess is that as you watch when I go through the process, you'll learn something:

For a list of items I used on this card, along with links to those items to my online store, check out the bottom of this blog post.

Happy techniqing!


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