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Your LAST CHANCE Sale Starts Thursday!

Who loves a good sale?

Did you raise your hand? Me, too. I absolutely love being able to grab at a discount something I've been wanting or needing.

Now...who loves a good sale on items from the Stampin' Up!® catalog?


Starting Thursday, December 1, we'll be able to get our hands on lots of products from the July-December 2022 Mini Catalog at discounted price (and lucky me, I get to add my demonstrator discount to the already discounted products!). It will also be our last chance to grab items from the Mini Catalog that we have been wanting or consumable products on which we need to stock up.

Keep in mind some items are already gone and will no longer be available.

This is it. Our last chance. And when these items are gone, they're gone. What's retiring? Take a peek at this list, and all the amazing discounts!:

You can also download the list for easy viewing and printing. Click below:

Jul-Dec 2022 Mini Catalog PDF LG PRINT Last Chance_page order
Download PDF • 272KB

Here are my suggestions for using this list in the most productive way possible...

  • Print off the list

  • Go through your catalog and mark the items that are retiring, making note of what you already have

  • Make a list of the items from the Last Chance that you'd like to grab yet

  • Give that list to a relative, along with a link to my online store (, so you get what you really want for Christmas this year

  • OR plan your own order for Thursday (Merry Christmas to you! ;)

  • Get to my online store (link above) to order as soon as possible on Thursday using my December shopping link, so the items you want are not gone by the time you get there

  • Put your feet up with a good cup of coffee or glass of wine and celebrate what an amazing shopper you are

  • Anticipate all of the projects you'll be able to make with your perfect new products

In addition to all this goodness, we'll also have a Clearance Rack refresh on December 1, which means even more discounted product! But HURRY for these items, for sure! They go so fast!

Have an order of $150 or more? Don't forget to choose your own free host items! Boy, Christmas will really be good for you!!!! In this case, use this link to my store instead of the link above:

As always, if you have any questions, please contact me using one of the contact methods at the bottom of this page.

Happy shopping!


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