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Nothing's Better Than...

Sometimes a stamp set comes along that just calls to me. When I was paging through the 2020-2021 Annual Catalog for the first time this spring, this one called to me. It's called Nothing's Better Than, and when you see it, you'll know why:

Of course, as long as I was purchasing the stamp set, I would definitely want the dies to go with I ordered the bundle. Kind of reminds me of the book If you Give a Mouse a Cookie. If I want this, I'll definitely want that. When I received the bundle, I set it aside, trying to dream of things I could make with it. Well, you know how that goes. If you try to dream something, it's certainly not going to just happen. So I had to wait for it to just come to me. Finally, it did. This was my first attempt at using this bundle, and I immediately fell in love!

Chocolate!!! What can possibly be better than a card about chocolate? And chocolate makes everything awesome, right? Well, I don't like coffee, but some people would say that coffee is better than chocolate, so...I set to work making a little coffee gift that holds a K-cup. Perfect for my coffee-loving friends!

But finally. Finally it came to me. What is honestly better than a good cocktail? Can't think of much! Cocktails that are fruity seem to be the most delicious. Fruity...the colors of fruit...the colors of fruity drinks...rainbow...RAINBOW GLIMMER PAPER!!!! Yes - that's my thought process. Laugh, if you must, but it's what works for me. I stamped the fruity cocktail glass from the Nothing Better Than stamp set, and voila! A sparkly, fruity drink, that I would gladly consume, but even better to look at. Here is the result:

And because the Rainbow Glimmer Paper in the catalog has way more colors, this:

What fun! It's hard to resist a good sparkly card, and it's extra hard to resist a good sparkly drink. Put them together, and you've got magic! I've got the how-video for this card coming your way next week. Subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don't miss it or the other project videos I'll be releasing (including Stamp Together Saturday videos!). For project supplies, see below.

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