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No Incentive Trip? Pivot!

Last year (2021) about this time, I was working hard to earn the Stampin' Up!® Incentive Trip to the Caribbean on a cruise ship. Only a small number of demonstrators earn this trip, so it's very very special. My husband had plans to forgo the trip this time so I could take one of my sisters in his place. The other sister had plans to buy into the trip, too, and we'd convince another relative or friend to do the same to complete the foursome. I successfully earned the trip, but because of Covid was concerned about how that might effect the trip. In October, Stampin' Up! made the difficult decision to cancel that trip (which was to take place in May of 2022). Instead, Incentive Trip achievers would be given a payout to use as we please.

There were some serious feelings of disappointment, especially since it was going to be a week away with my sisters. However, with an Airman son stationed in Alaska, the trip pivot became clear: Alaska or bust!

A little background...

I was a teacher in Anchorage from 1995-2001, and I met my husband there. His Dad was in the Air Force, stationed in Anchorage, and we met at church.

My husband's parents still lived there after we moved back to my home town in Minnesota, so we had family to visit back in Alaska for a few years after we left. Since they left quite a few years ago, we have not visited. When our son was assigned there, we knew we wanted to go back. Fast forward to July 3, when we left on our trip. What a glorious trip it was, complete with gorgeous scenery and lots of time with my three favorite people.

We turned a canceled trip into a new trip with amazing a place I once called "home."

Thank you, Stampin' Up!, for allowing us this opportunity to earn such an amazing vacation.

The Rich Family

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