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It's Time to Stock Up. No, really.

I thought I'd write a real quick post about upcoming changes in some of Stampin' Up!®'s pricing. As we watch everything increasing in price around us, we realize it's something that will have to happen eventually with some of our products, as well. Starting with the new catalog on May 3, prices will increase on the following products:

With cardstock prices on the rise starting May 3, April is an amazing time to stock up on those packages you use most. Here are some things to consider:

  • Have a Stampin' Up!® party! I can come to your house to make a couple projects with you and your guests, or we can do it virtually on Facebook or simply via text message or email. We can share the upcoming price increase with your guests and encourage them to stock up now, as well. You will receive free products based on the amount of sales at your party. After all, you'll be the host with the most!

  • Simply have a book party, where everyone can order online using a host code that applies those orders to your party OR gather their orders for me to enter. Same host rewards apply as above.

  • You place your own order for whatever you need. If your order is under $150, use my April host code by following this link. When you order through my host code, you will receive a free gift after the month is over.

  • You place your own order for whatever you need. If your order is OVER $150, don't use the host code, and don't finalize your order online before choosing your host benefits! Free stuff! Woohoo! You can use those freebies to order more cost increasing items, if you wish.

  • When you place an order of $50 or more outside of one of my clubs you might be a part of, then you get a free card kit after the month is over. The kit will contain supplies to make three cards, with everything stamped and ready for assembly! The kit will also contain step by step PDF instructions on how to put the cards together.

With prices increasing on everything, it's nice to have a heads up on these items, isn't it? Please let me know if you have any questions. Let's get that craft room stocked!

Stamping blessings,


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