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Clearance Rack Refresh, Last Chance, and the $1000 Party

Who doesn't love a good sale??? One of my favorite things is the Clearance Rack Refresh, and another one of those is happening on Tuesday, April 23! Discounts on retired items of up to 60% can be found Tuesday in my online store, and those items are going to disappear quickly. Don't delay!!!

Speaking of 60% off, as long as you're doing some shopping, you might as well stop by the Last Chance section of my online store. There are retiring items on sale there, as well, for up to 60% off. I sense a theme!

Do you recall that a few weeks ago I posted the Last Chance lists from the 2023-2024 Annual Catalog and the January-April 2024 Mini Catalog? You can find the posts with those lists here, but you can shop those Last Chance items - including the amazing sale ones - by going to my store.

Again, while you're shopping, don't forget to stock up on the items that are rising in price in May. It's quite a list! Check it out below, then stock up before May 1 when the new prices take effect!

Last but not least...I've been talking about my $1000 Party all month, and it's not too late to get in on it! The $1000 Party is sure to have host dollars galore to be spread to all those who spend $100 or more in the party. Read the details here:

Note that even if you spend $200 in the $1000 party, you'll receive more money in host benefits than you would by making that $200 purchase outright on your own. If you have any questions about how this party works,please don't hesitate to contact me. It's your big chance to get some freebies with an order that normally wouldn't qualify!

Happy shopping!


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