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For years I have made my own framed art using stamps, ink,and paper. Gosh, this one that still hangs in our bathroom must be at least 13 years old. Check out all the old product on it. Remember our huge alphabet letter stamps we had at Stampin' Up!®? I found some great uses for those, and this "Friend" framed art was perfect for that capital "F!" I'd like to replace this piece of art, but I've got some weird sentimental attachment to it. :)

I've made others...What about this simple one from when we sold wall vinyl? Wow - that seems like a really really long time ago, too!

This sampler was made by 12 demonstrators, each making one square:

These were fun to make for past classes, and I still have them in my studio. They sit on my shelf to inspire me.

I have decided to host a couple of new home decor pieces in classes this Fall and have shared the details either on my Facebook Events page, my website Events page, and on the Google Form for each of the classes.

The class for the Fall Triple-Pane Framed Art piece features the Harvest Meadow Designer Series Paper and the Harvest Dies. The sentiment, of course, can be whatever you'd like it to be. For this class, you'll receive all supplies except for the sentiment stamp, ink, and adhesives. Please note that although you can find information about the class on Facebook or my Demonstrator Business Website (DBWS), you are only signed up when you fill out the Fall Triple-Pane Framed Art Google Form.

The Christmas Sampler/Card Candy class is unique in that we will make all the individual pieces in the class, and you can decide how to use them! Do you put them all in a beautiful sampler such as the one shown, or do you make cards with them? The sampler is definitely beautiful, but the card candy is such a unique idea. Have the pieces ready, so that when it's time to make a last minute card, voila! You've got the hard part done already! Whichever option you choose will turn out beautifully. I mean, my gosh! Look at the papers! Registration for this class can be completed on the Winter Sampler/Card Candy Google Form.

I'm extremely excited to make these decor pieces with you! Don't forget to sign up by the deadlines:

Fall Framed Art - Friday, October 22

Christmas Sampler/Card Candy: Thursday, November 18.

I hope to see you at an upcoming class! Happy stamping!


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