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Goodies in May!

I love stamping, and I love others to love it, too. Sounds kinda weird, I guess. It almost sounds like I want to force others into loving stamping as much as I do, but that forcing others to love it thing really isn't my style. Maybe it's better said that I want to share my love of stamping with others, and if someone attaches to it like I do, then I attach to them. Wait. That sounds weird, too. Let me start over...

I love stamping, and it makes me happy when someone else finds that they love it, too! One of the things I love as a demonstrator is sharing all of the fun Stampin' Up!® products with an audience excited to listen. But sometimes doesn't it feel like there's just so much? So many retiring products. So many new products. So many techniques. So many pretty projects to make. I know not everyone will connect with every product or project I share, and that's ok. But I do feel like I want to share as many things as I can so that everyone can connect with something.

I think it's this thought that spurs me onto coming up with fun class ideas (even when they're online), making a variety of samples, and offering specials. Specials you say? Yep! I'm hoping that while offering specials like the ones I'm offering in May, everyone will connect with something. These specials give me the opportunity to share things that may be new to you in hopes that you will connect with something that makes you happy.

So in hopes of sharing something you will end up loving, here are the goodies you can get your hands on in May:

1) One free month of Paper Pumpkin when you purchase 3 months.

Paper Pumpkin is a fun project box that gets delivered to your door! June's kit will have 8 cards to complete, as well as a yellow box you can fill with goodies to brighten someone's day. Watch CEO Sara Douglass's video where she explains June's kit, and if you purchase a 3 month pre-paid subscription, I'll send you a code for one more month, free! Head here to purchase that pre-paid subscription.

2) A free card kit (supplies for you to make 3 amazing cards) with an order of $50 or more (Guess what! The 3 month pre-paid subscription to Paper Pumpkin qualifies you!). May's card kit includes three pretty amazing cards. Get a little sneak peek:

To order and get on these fun deals, head to my website. Order using host code EHMU7HW6, and qualify for yet another free gift. Fun May Goodies!!!!

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any stamping related questions. I'm happy to help in any way I can!

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