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Stamp Together Saturday

The last 6 months have been tough. It seems as though we have had one thing after another relentlessly gunning for us. When things got rough, starting with Covid, and we all had to stay at home for weeks and weeks, it was hard. Not seeing people, not going places, not doing things. We needed something, didn't we? We needed something to look forward to, and for many of us stampers, Stamp Together Saturday fulfilled some of those needs and still does. What a great thing. Getting together just to stamp. "Just to stamp," yet so therapeutic.

Have you joined in? Did you know about it? Each week I post a Stamp Together Saturday event to my Facebook events page. The header on that event tells you what stamping supplies you need to make a card with me the next Saturday morning at 10am. What I love about these cards is that they're simple, easy to put together (usually in 5-10 minutes), and if you're a paper crafter, you will more than likely have the supplies needed or can improvise. Designer Series Paper shines in nearly every single card we make, and whatever you have at home will work! Check out some of the amazing cards we've made on Saturday mornings:

How do you find me on Saturday morning at 10am? If you "like" my Facebook page, simply get on Facebook at 10am, and a notification will pop up that I am live. Click on that notification, and you'll find me! If you don't already "like" my page, you can go to and find me that way. If you don't see me right away, keep refreshing your page, and soon you'll find me that way, too. The best part?? If you have avoided Facebook all these years and do not have an account, you can still go there to stamp with me on Saturday mornings. That's so much fun! Better yet, though, is that even if you are not available to stamp together with us at 10am on a Saturday, you can watch later. I always save the video and make sure it's posted to my Facebook page so that you can come back and watch any time. An easy way to find those videos is by going to the videos section of my Facebook page.

Therapy can be expensive. Stamping therapy on a Saturday morning - especially when you've got all the supplies anyway - is super cheap. And I dare you not to have fun. :D

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