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Making it Smooth and Easy

Sometimes when I sit down to stamp, I have 15 minutes to make something that looks good. When you consider the time it takes to either find a card to CASE (Copy And Share Everything - essentially copy) or to get creative, time is already up! Then, with figuring sizes of paper and cutting, then stamping and assembling, you're pushing an hour. Not to mention...if you do not feel you have the tools, colors, or stamps you'd like to make the projects look like you want them to, perhaps you're not even happy with the project, when all is said and done.

So what's the solution for a project that's quick and easy and is a smooth experience? Let me tell you! The new catalog has a couple of amazing kit options that fit the bill. The All-Inclusive Card Kits featured on page 7 of the catalog is just what the doctor ordered. When you head to my website to check out the Looking Up and Simply Citrus All Inclusive Card Kits, they look fun, but the pic doesn't really do them justice.

All-Inclusive kits have everything you need to create the cards in the kit, including the stamps, ink, paper (all cut to size!), basic assembly instructions, envelopes, and accessories needed.

See? Perfectly smooth and easy!

So let's re-visit the scenario:

It's fifteen minutes until you need that card for someone special. Grab the All-inclusive Kit, mount your stamp on your block, scan the directions. Stamp, assemble, and voila! You're done with five minutes to spare. The perfect solution!

The Looking Up All-Inclusive Card Kit is a carryover from last year's catalog. The Simply Citrus All-Inclusive Card Kit is new this year and also appears in our Beginner Brochure. Check it out:

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