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Fall is on its Way!

You may have read that title and wanted to slap me. Or, you may be on the other side and it brought a smile to your face to read that. Some see Fall as a step closer to winter. Others see Fall as a relief from the heat and humidity. I am so grateful to live in a place where we can experience all of the seasons (although, I'd be ok with a 2 month winter). No matter on what end of the spectrum you sit, I think we can all agree that the fall-themed products in our catalog are amazing. There are so many products and suites that I want to get my hands on! See some of my favorites below:

I love these stamp sets, punches, and dies, but we haven't even touched on the papers, the ribbon, the other accessories. Here are a few of my favorites of those, too:

When it comes down to it, I'm a huge fan of these amazingly warm colors, patterns, and textures. The feeling these products give make me optimistic for cool nights, crisp days, blowing leaves, and in an odd way, it's all very comforting. These products were even some of the first from the August-December Mini Catalog that I wanted to take out of the box and use right away. The #1 Fall item on my purchase list was the Gilded Autumn Suite. I love that Stampin' Up!® gives us one simple order number for an entire suite of products that coordinate.

155123 Gilded Autumn Suite $96.25

That's a lot of product for $96! And just think of the projects you can make with all of this! Here are a few of the projects I've made with this suite the last couple of months. And look! It's only August! I've got lots of time to come up with more beautiful projects with this suite!

Don't be disappointed that summer is coming to a close. Be excited about all of the amazingness of Fall that is on its way!

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