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Why Now's the Time #3

I love a good deal.

Who doesn't? Please, raise your hand if you do not love a good deal. No one? That's what I thought. Aren't we always looking for that good deal? Cash back on the purchase of a vehicle. Buy One Get One. 10% off a bundle in our Stampin' Up!® catalog. Free shipping. All of these promotions entice us to make a purchase because we love a good deal.

With that in mind, here's a question for you: have you ever considered purchasing the Demonstrator Starter Kit? If no, why not? Do you feel like having the name "demonstrator" is intimidating? You don't want to make a commitment to being a demonstrator, perhaps. Why is it so scary? This is my question to you. Why? I thought you love a good deal, and the Demonstrator Starter Kit is certainly that.

Every single day, the Starter Kit is a good deal. Pay $99 and choose $125 worth of products from any current catalog. Remember how you wanted to purchase a stamp set and dies together when it's 10% off? I do it all the time! Wow! 10% off! But have you done the math yet? $99 is only 79.2% of $125. This means that when you purchase the Demonstrator Starter Kit for $99 and get to choose $125 worth of product, you are getting 20.8% off the items you choose.

I love a good deal.

But wait! There's more! Did you know that the Demonstrator Starter Kit has NO SHIPPING attached to it? THAT'S RIGHT! Not only are you getting 20.8% off the items you are ordering in your Starter Kit, but you are saving over $12.50 on that order, as well, with free shipping. This deal just keeps getting gooder and gooder.

So tell me again...why haven't you considered the Starter Kit? I mean, your wish list is long. I can see it from here. But the Starter Kit has a pre-set list of products you'll receive when you purchase it, right? NOPE! When selecting your $125 worth of products, you can choose anything from your wish list that you want, as long as it's in a current catalog. Bonus! So that stamp set I originally decided not to purchase with the dies? Yep, you can order that. Some stamps, ink, and paper? You bet! The Mini Boss (Stampin' Cut & Emboss Machine)? Correct.You get to choose and customize it the way you want to.

You know as well as I do that sometimes it's hard to choose the items that would be good for you to have as a demonstrator. If you just need a place to start to get some ideas of what you should have in your kit, we do have suggestions. Go over this list below of suggested items for your kit. If you already have everything on the list, perhaps it's time to get serious about getting that discount I talked about in Why Now's the Time #1. :D

Download PDF • 1.34MB

Most of all, I'd love to just discuss with you in more detail what a good deal this Starter Kit is. If you'd like to discuss the opportunity over the phone or on Messenger video or on a Zoom call, I'd love to do that with you. I just really want you to have what I got in my Starter Kit almost 20 years ago: a really good deal.

Stamping blessings,


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