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Stamping Together

I've written numerous blog posts about the opportunities we have to stamp together. From Stamp Together Saturday - which is on its 28th episode - to classes for which you pay and I provide the supplies, there are at least 8 opportunities every month during which we can stamp TOGETHER. Together is such a nice thing, and I thank you for joining me on this stamping journey.

I know how much many of you love Stamp Together Saturday, and I've been brainstorming a way to bring that to another day during the month, and I've settled on what I'm calling Take it Up a Notch Tuesday. This is a stamp together event that will not be every week but will be at least once a month. Read the details with some FAQs.

  • How is Take it Up a Notch different from Stamp Together Saturday? As the name suggests, the project for this event will be more detailed and may require more materials to make it than STS. It's meant for paper crafters with a wide variety of products at their disposal.

  • How is Take it Up a Notch the same as Stamp Together Saturday? I will make an event on my Facebook page that will include instructions on what supplies you need and what to cut for the project. Have those items ready for the event, if you plan to make it along with me.

  • Do I have to pay for Take it Up a Notch? Nope! Just like Stamp Together Saturday, this class is a free Facebook Live event, right on my Facebook Business Page.

  • What kinds of projects will we create at Take it Up a Notch? All kinds of projects! Gifts, cards, mini albums, etc. etc. We will start with a notecard gift box, and the next project will be notecards to fill it.

  • Will there be a specific schedule for Take it Up a Notch? Not right away. For now, just watch my events page on Facebook for the event to pop up. The current plant is to use some Tuesdays for the event.

  • Do I need a die cutting/embossing machine in order to create the projects? There may be a project occasionally that will use a machine like this to enhance the project. If you don't have a machine like this, you can certainly watch the video before making the project to see if you'll be able to make it without one.

  • If I can't be on Facebook when the event is airing live, can I watch it later? Of course! You can always go to my videos page on Facebook to see past project videos. #liveorlater

The first Take it Up a Notch Tuesday will be held on Tuesday, October 20, at 6pm. I will go live on Facebook, and we'll make a Notecard Gift Box together. Check out the supplies you'll need here. Click on the photo of your supply list to visit the Facebook event page.

I hope you're able to join me for my free upcoming events on Facebook Live!: Take it Up a Notch Tuesday, What's Up! Stampers? (I just stamp for you at this one) on Wednesday, and Stamp Together Saturday on...well...Saturday. Please contact me with any questions you may have.

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