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Stamp Together Saturday Gets Quilted

From the very beginning, over a year and a half ago, I have tried my very best to use Stamp Together Saturday (STS) as an opportunity for paper crafters, both beginning and avid, to make a card together during the most lonely and uncertain of days. Covid was hard on everyone, but we made the best of a bad situation by getting together on Facebook to make something fun. Seventy one episodes later (and with Covid ups and downs), we are still going strong every Saturday morning because we still want to get together virtually and we still want to make something fun.

One of my biggest goals in preparing the cards for STS is to keep the cards basic. We use stamps, ink, paper, and occasionally a ribbon or twine. If a paper crafter has a couple sentiment stamps, some cardstock, pretty printed papers, ribbon, and adhesive, scissors, and a trimmer, he or she can make just about anything we make on a Saturday morning. A few dies or punches are a bonus. However, just because these cards use basic supplies doesn't mean they're boring. Take the card I made this past week on August 14, for instance.

For this card, we used lots of paper, a sentiment stamp, ink, Linen Thread, and a Mini Glue dot. But look how cool it is! We made a quilt block! Some people make the projects right along with me on Saturday mornings. Others watch, then try it later. If you already watch, in which camp are you?

So how does this STS work, exactly?

  • On Facebook each week, I create an event for Saturday morning, at 9:30 Central

  • In the event's header, I list what supplies are needed for the card we are going to make. That supply list also includes cutting instructions, so if you'd like to create live with me, you're prepared to do so.

  • Saturday morning at 9:30am Central, you come to my Facebook page (follow me on Facebook, and you'll receive a notification when I'm live!) to watch and/or make the 10-15 minute project.

  • When you've completed your card, you are welcome to post a picture of it in the thread of the video. We'd love to see what you've made!

The event's header, complete with cutting instructions for our card will look something like this. These are the cutting instructions for the card above:

Being together to craft, no matter if it's in person or virtual, is such a blessing. I'd love for you to join me on Saturday mornings, and please say "hi" in the comments when you make an appearance! Curious how we made this one? Watch the video on Facebook.

For a complete list of this card's supplies, see below.

Stamping Blessings,


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