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Seven Reasons I'm Thankful for Stampin' Up!®

There are so many reasons to love Stampin' Up!®, and I decided this past week, since it was Thanksgiving week, that I would like to list seven of my favorite reasons to be thankful for this amazing company. They are in no particular order, really, since each are so important to me.

#7 The “relationships first” attitude of the company. It’s a rare thing to hear the leaders of a company say that putting relationships before business is important. This company loves people, and I just think that’s amazing.

I had a demonstrator on my team, whose background was in pharmacy, come with me to convention one year. She was FLOORED by comments from our then CFO about putting people first. “I’ve never heard anything like that from a CFO!” was her comment. It was then that it hit me how amazing Stampin’ Up! really is.

#6 The opportunity to build a team - no, a family - of 41 amazing demonstrators, who love to stamp and love each other even more. I am blessed by the support, encouragement, collaboration, and yes, friendship, from these 41 special people.

#5 Being a part of the demonstrator gives me the opportunity to glean ideas from so many others in the family. Whether it be on Facebook, at a live event, or in a virtual brainstorming session, and whether it be unique creative projects or business tips, demonstrators are happy to share. I heart that!

#4 I am blessed by each and every one of you and thank God for you in my life! All of my success would not be possible without you, and the friendships I've made along the way wouldn't even be a thing. You make all of this possible and worthwhile.

#3 As a demonstrator (and a customer), we get to take advantage of deals and specials! Coming up December 1, it's Last Chance time, with discounts up to 50% off. As a demonstrator, it makes me happy (and thankful) that I get my extra demonstrator discount on top of that! Woot!

Check out the Last Chance list and discounts here:

#2 Top notch products in the industry with some of the highest quality cardstock I've ever touched, stamps that come in sets so the options are great, and product coordination that is crazy awesome. This is one of my favorite parts of Stampin' Up! Dies, stamps, Designer Series Paper, and accessories...all designed to coordinate. Our catalogs even have beautiful samples we can duplicate or use as inspiration for our own projects. All of these things make it easy for me to be creative. Products I can use together makes all my projects come together and make me look like a professional.

#1 Stampin' Up! gives us the opportunity to succeed. Yes, Stampin' Up! products (as discussed in #2) are amazing. Stamping seems easier and more beautiful when the products are top notch. But also in business, demonstrators are also given the opportunity to earn free products, make an income, be a part of something special, and more. Some choose to be a demonstrator to simply get the discount for themselves. Stampin' Up! allows that opportunity. Others, like me, use the incentive trips as our goal (in part) to make a business for ourselves. We work hard to share what we love with many, and the result can be what my husband and I have experienced: to travel the world. We are blessed to have been given vacations from Stampin' Up! to locations in the US, North America, and to both Europe and Asia. It still feels surreal.

To say Stampin' Up! has been a blessing in my life is a total understatement. I wouldn't be me without it. My life wouldn't be what it is without it. I wouldn't be as happy as I am without it. Thank you, Stampin' Up!

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