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Sale-a-bration: Hosts and the Big Spender

The other night in a Facebook Live I talked about all of the amazing products in our Sale-a-bration brochure. I shared them in my post about Sale-a-bration and being a customer, but you can check out the Sale-a-bration brochure, which I have attached here:

Download PDF • 1.54MB

Free items with every $50 ordered, now through September 30, is genius. We love free stuff, especially stuff as awesome as the ones in this brochure. Did you notice the free stamp set on page 17, called "In Your Words?"

Isn't it great? I think my favorite is "Hope your day is Fantabulistic! Fabulous & fantastic all in one" Fantabulistic is the type of word that I would use. I think I make up words all the time. :)

But I digress. How do you get your hands on this amazing stamp set? The easy answer is this: with a $300 party or order. But I see that happening in one of four ways:

  1. If you live in the area, invite people over for a party! I can come and do a quick demonstration, everyone in attendance can make a card or two, and people place orders for items from the Stampin' Up!® catalog that they must have!

  2. We do a Facebook party! It's similar to a party in your home, but I share information throughout the course of several days. This usually culminates in me doing a live demonstration in our special party Facebook group.

  3. Do a book party, of sorts. You just gather orders or have people order in my online store using your host code, giving you the credit for their orders.

  4. This one is my favorite, if you have the means: you spend $300 all on your own! In this case, it's actually smarter to purchase the Starter Kit first so you get a hefty 20% discount when you place your $300 order and still get all the benefits of purchasing $300 in product!

When you spend $300 all by yourself after purchasing the Starter Kit and being considered a demonstrator, here's what will happen:

  • You get 20% off, so you're actually only spending $240, plus shipping and tax

  • You will get to choose SIX Level 1 Sale-a-bration items with your order, or a combination of Level 1 and Level 2 items

  • You will receive $36 in free product as a host

  • You have already reached your quarterly minimum as a demonstrator, so you are guaranteed demonstrator benefits through January

Yep, you can combine customer, host, and demonstrator benefits all in one order. PLUS, I'd LOVE to have you on my team! The Nutso Average Stampers await your entry into our exclusive club!

To be a party host, contact me by clicking the email icon at the bottom of this page.

To purchase the Starter Kit (or read about it) and and be the ultimate customer, host, and demonstrator all at the same time, click here.

Stamping blessings!


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