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Technique Spotlight: Retiform Stamping

I haven't done any retiform stamping in years. Like forever. And when a card using this technique came up recently on my Pinterest feed, I decided it was time to try it again. Here was my first attempt, after many years, during my What's Up! Stampers? Facebook Live

Gosh, I love how it turned out! I started with the sentiment, because that is something that cannot be cut off when sectioning off different parts of this card. I put a sticking note across the bottom right corner of the 4" x 5 1/4" Basic White cardstock, leaving a triangle in the corner open and making sure (again) to encompass the entire sentiment. The next thing I did was super important, and that was this: I used a Blending Brush to put color (in this case, Balmy Blue) at the edge of the sticky note and on the other two edges of the cardstock. Then I sectioned off another area and kept going from there until the white cardstock was entirely full of the retiform sections. Section off, Blending Brush, stamp. Next!

A couple of asides about this card...

1) I did a practice round of this card before going live, and when I stamped the ocean animals, I noticed the detail that was supposed to be in those stamps was missing because the Starry Sky ink pad I used was so juicy. Look at how different these cards ended up. The practice card on the left shows that there really was too much ink on the stamp to make these stamps show their detail, while the ink on the right card is perfect.

The power of less ink is astonishing, and I found a way to make that happen with this card, using a bone folder to move the ink away from the center of the ink pad so it won't be quite so juicy. A plastic spoon works great for this, too.

2) I most often have seen this retiform stamping with no white lines in between sections. I tend to be partial to those clean white lines, but I decided to play without them, as well.

Gasp! This one uses stamps I don't recognize? Oops! :D This stamp set, Hello Harvest, comes from the new July-December 2022 Mini Catalog. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more information!

This one is sweet, too. Its special feature is that each section of the retiform card is in a different color. Do you like It, or do you prefer more monochromatic?

And finally, last, but not least, I created a card with one of my yummiest stamp sets, Love you More Than. The white borders and monochromatic tones are back, and except for the coffee (yuck!), I am in love this with card:

Which of these retiform cards do you like the best? They're all cool, but I just know you have a favorite. To see my original retiform card made from start to finish, you can watch below. You'll see how easy it is to add those white borders in between sections. Then video is taken from an excerpt of What's Up! Stampers?, which I hold each Wednesday at 1:00pm Central over on Facebook.

Are you going to give this cool technique a try? Good luck to you!

Stamping blessings,


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