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Leaders Summit

A bonus post this week...

Just think about how different life was just six months ago. We all had plans that we just assumed would take place. Plans for the spring. Plans for the summer. In our case, we had plans to take the incentive trip to Maui in July. Although saddened by the whole thing, I think I was more sad that things had gotten that bad in regards to Covid rather than sad about not actually going on that trip. We know we will get our chance, and Stampin' Up!® is sure to take care of us regardless if we get to go on the rescheduled trip in May or not.

Now, here's something interesting...guess who was supposed to be in New Orleans right now through Sunday for Stampin' Up!'s leader event called Back Stage. Yep, that's right. That would be me. We had tickets and accommodations for my husband, too, as he had plans to hang out with my friend's husband while we attended the event. So let's think this through. Our New Orleans trip was sabotaged not once, but twice. First, Covid forced Stampin' Up! to put the event online and second, have you seen the weather in Louisiana this week? God has taken good care of us, and we will feel blessed to be in southern Minnesota, where the worst problem we've had is some serious heat and humidity.

With Stampin' Up! planning a new event for us leaders, they also decided that since we aren't going to be meeting in person, calling the event "Back Stage" wasn't really accurate. So instead our event, which begins later today, is called Leaders Summit. I'll be "attending" the event - perhaps even in my jammies - for a short time today, then much of the day on Friday and Saturday.

The event will be jam packed with amazing speakers from outside the company, as well as Stampin' Up! staff and other demonstrator leaders. We will have networking sessions and will get the opportunity to pick the brains of other demonstrators, all without the travel and expense and all in the comfort of our own homes. Technology is truly amazing. We did pay to attend this virtual event, and I have no doubt that Stampin' Up! will make it well worth our investment of time and money. They even put a per diem in our accounts so that we could order in lunch on two days of the event, since they would have fed us those days anyway. It's really, truly going to be an amazing weekend.

If you've been following my business page on Facebook at all, perhaps you saw the post I made a few weeks ago about a certain blue box that arrived at my door. This box was well secured in another box, while being wrapped over and over again in bubble wrap. The blue box was from none other than TIFFANY'S! I have never in my life even dreamed of received such an elegant looking box...and from Tiffany's, no less. The gift was from Stampin' Up! in anticipation of the Leaders Summit event. What a surprise! Perhaps you have been waiting since that post for me to share its contents. It's been difficult to keep it a secret, and the reason I did so was because not all demonstrators - especially those overseas - had their gift yet, and I certainly didn't want to spoil anyone's surprise. But today's the day! Today's the day we've been told to bring our gift to the virtual Welcome Reception today. So here it is...a gift that made my jaw drop open when I opened the box.

I am truly blessed to be a part of the Stampin' Up! community and am ever grateful to be treated in such a special way. Thanks, Stampin' Up! I feel loved, and I love you right back!

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