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FREE is the BEST!

I feel like every month is a good month to do giveaways. June is no different! There are several ways to get some free stuff this month, and I just thought I'd give you a run-down so you can see what's what.

FREE card kit:

Any purchase $35 or more during the month of June will be rewarded with a free card kit! There are three cards included in the kit, and all supplies are provided, except for regular adhesive to put it all together. When you receive the card kit, you will also receive photo instructions of the process to put the three cards together. Basically, the cards will come in pieces, and you will get the joy of turning those pieces into an amazing work of art! Kits will be sent the first few days of July for anyone who placed an order of $35 or more during June. Watch for another card kit in July! Fun! in the meantime, here is a sneak peek of the three cards for this month. Lots of blue, including Seaside Spray and Misty Moonlight.

FREE $25 EXTRA in host benefits when you host a party of $250 or more or put together your own $250 order:

Stampin' Up!®'s June host special is a good one! Normally when you host a party of $250 or place an order of $250, you would receive $25 in free products from anywhere in a current catalog. The bigger the party, the more the host benefits. But this month, when your party reaches $250, you will receive $25 MORE, for a total of $50 or more. That's just pure awesomeness! What could you mark off your wish list for fifty free dollars? I'm sure you can think of something.

A special FREE GIFT from me:

When you order UNDER $150 using June host code: A7CYK4SH, I will send you an extra free little something at the end of the month. (If you spend $150 or more, you will receive your own host benefits.) But seriously. You should spend at least $35 when you order online so you receive BOTH the card kit AND the special gift. Double bonus!


On any given day on Facebook, I give stuff away. Last week it was a fun accessory from the new catalog. This week it's 15 of my sample cards out of my stash. You never know - and neither do I, really, so it doesn't pay to ask - when I might be giving stuff away. Follow my business Facebook page so that you don't miss a thing!

A FREE punch or die bundle from the 2020-2021 Annual Catalog, any price:

The Demonstrator Starter Kit is always a good deal. $125 worth of product for $99 AND free shipping! Like I said...that's always. But for June and June only, you can purchase the starter kit for $99 like always, but also choose a FREE BUNDLE on pages 168-169 or 174-179 in the catalog besides. You can increase the value of the starter kit by almost 50%, depending on which bundle you choose. My advice: go big! It's free! Some people are scared away by the term "Demonstrator Starter Kit." Here are some things about which people may be confused or things that may be misunderstood about being a demonstrator...

1) "If I purchase the starter kit, I have to sell and do classes and be crazy on Facebook like Amy is." FALSE. Many of my team sign up for the good deal and the discount! Their wish list is long, so it makes sense to get the savings. They love the benefits that being a demonstrator provides for them (that's another blog post, all on its own).

2) "I have a ton of Stampin' Up! products already. If I purchase the starter kit, I probably have everything that is in the kit."

FALSE. You get to choose all the products that come in your kit! There are no pre-determined items from the catalog that you have to get as part of your $125 in product.

3) "If I sign up as a demonstrator, I can't take Amy's classes anymore."

FALSE. You can continue to take my classes, regardless if you are a demonstrator. In fact, I often give members of my team discounts on the classes.

4) "I'll be penalized if I can't reach the $300 quarterly minimum."

FALSE. If at any point you are struggling with purchasing and/or selling $300 worth of products, you just simply aren't a demonstrator anymore. No penalties!

It's a great deal, and I just want to offer it. If you're interested or have more questions, let's talk! In the meantime, my Nutso Average Stampers team has grown by four in just the last few days. Come and be a part of something special! Watch this to see how much we love what we do and we love each other. We ALWAYS have a good time. Our love of stamping brings us together. Our friendships keep us together.

So as you can see, there are a lot of ways to get free stuff. It's a great time to be stamping, and it's a great time to share joy with a hand-made card or gift. If you love stamping half as much as I do, you've gotta love all the opportunities!

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