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New events are fun, especially ones that are FREE! This month I'll be hosting a free BINGO night on Facebook Live. The idea was planted years ago at a demonstrator get together. But with the uncertainty of what BINGO would mean with the Minnesota Gambling laws if I hosted a pay or order to play event, I decided to sit on the idea.

Enter demonstrator Paggy Wu, who recently shared her BINGO format. I LOVED her format and the way she runs the game. As I watched and realized this could be really fun and I could try it as a free event, I decided not to waste any time and scheduled my very first (and hopefully not the last) BINGO Party!

The first BINGO night will be FREE, so it's easy for you to join in the fun! The event will be held on Facebook Live, but you can attend even if you are not on Facebook. How to sign up: Head to my Facebook Event or my Demonstrator Business Website Event and click "Going" by Monday, June 21, at noon. Please make sure I have your email address if you are attending. This is how I will share the link of where to go on Facebook to find the event and also send you your BINGO numbers.

The process is simple:

- Register to attend via one of the above websites

- Check your email on Monday, June 21, for your BINGO numbers

- Come to on Monday, June 21, at 6pm to find the Facebook Live

- I will call numbers that I have associated with a product from the catalog and will share that product and some things about it. If I call your number, you type "B" in the comments of the live video.

- When I call a second of your numbers, type "BI" in the comments. When I call a third number of yours, type "BIN," etc.

- If you are the first to have aall 5 of your numbers called, then you'll get to choose a Designer Series Paper Sampler pack of retired paper that I have put together.

- Then we play again until all the DSP is gone or 7:00, whichever comes first.

- Note that for this one, you must be present to play

Have some fun, win some prizes. Hope to see you at BINGO!

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