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April Stamping Opportunities

I'll be holding three classes in April that you can take either #liveorlater. Two of the classes will be held live on Zoom, while the other on Facebook Live. The benefit of registering for the classes is that you will receive all of the class supplies, as well as my instruction. I share lots of tips and tricks along the way. Keep in mind that registration for all the classes is due on Saturday, April 1, and must be registered for on each class's Google Form. Class overviews can be found below.

Gettin' Strippy: Live event on Thursday, April 13, 6pm Central

We will use strips of paper to create four awesome cards! You will provide adhesives, sentiments, and ink, and I'll supply the rest!

Registration for this class is due Saturday, April 1. Cost for all materials is $10. Please add $2 to ship the supplies. The class will be held live on Zoom on Thursday, April 13, at 6pm or you can watch later on YouTube.

You must fill out this form to finalize your registration:

Something Out of the Ordinary: Live event on Thursday, April 20, 6pm Central

We will make 3 cards using a not so ordinary techniques, folds, colors, layouts...whatever I find that makes not your typical card. The live event will be on Zoom, and the recording will be an unlisted video on YouTube shared after the event. This class has two options.

Option 1: I provide all materials except sentiments you'd like to add to your cards, and adhesives. Cost for all materials is $12. Please add $3 to ship the supplies.

Option 2: Purchase only the supplies list and paper measurements PDF with video tutorial for $8.

To finalize registration, you must fill out this form:

Bouquet of Thanks Buy & Try: Live event on Tuesday, April 25, 6pm Central

​When you Buy, you receive the following: -Bouquet of Thanks stamp -Extra supplies I provide

You Make: -4 cards

​You provide: -Adhesives -Ink pads (full list of color suggestions will come shortly after April 1)

​Your cost: Pick-up: $22 Mailing: $28

To make the projects: Facebook Live on Tuesday, April 25, at 6:00pm Central or watch there later any time.

Please let me know if you have any questions about these upcoming classes, and don't forget to use the registration links for the classes you'd like to attend, either live or later.

Hope to share some great cards with you via some of these classes. Happy crafting!


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Love all of your cards they’re so beautiful. I absolutely love that someone finally decided to find a better venue than FB, which is so often a real nightmare. Love to know how you’re like this App; the pros and cons of using it if you wouldn’t mind. Thanks, Dagi

Amy Rich
Amy Rich
Mar 24, 2023
Replying to

The pro is that it is different from most other platforms. I also love all the options Wix gives me, including blogs, sending emails, including my videos, a place to sell some items, etc. I find it pretty easy to set everything up, although sometimes I feel like it takes em while to figure everything out. When I do, though, it’s a glorious thing!

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