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Stamps for Hosts with the Most

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

First of all, whew! What a weekend! With all four of my siblings in town and me cooking all weekend for 20 people, things were soooo busy, but as you can imagine, so amazing. My siblings, a few spouses, and nieces and nephews have been doing some work on mom and dad's house to make it more comfortable there for the years they can stay there. Much was thrown away and donated, too, which sorely needed to be done. I am grateful for a family that comes together to get things done. They are all amazing, and I cherish them. Believe it or not, this is the one pic I took with family this weekend, but it's a dandy one with my great niece, who I met for the first time on Friday. So much happy!

Just this past week - Friday, I think - I promised a new video to my YouTube page. So after a super busy weekend, I went to edit a video I had taken a month or so ago, and I couldn't find it! After the lengthy search, I found it in my deleted folder on my phone. Yikes! Thankfully I could recover it and get it edited so I could post it tonight. BUT...the uploading process has been a pain, and after several attempts, I have been unsuccessful. Arg! Stay tuned...

The cards I'm sharing today are from that video and feature the Touched My Heart host stamp set from the 2020-2021 Annual Catalog.

Stampin' Up!® has always had stamp sets that are for hosts only. The host program used to be very different than it is today, but the way it works now is that you can choose to "purchase" the host stamp sets with your free dollars you've earned from the catalog, or you don't have to. In every catalog there are one or more host stamp sets to choose from, and this beauty is one of them. Check out a couple of the gorgeous cards I've made with this stamp set, and when I'm finally able to get the tutorial to post, watch the video (subscribe to my YouTube channel, and you'll get alerted when I post a new video!).

EDIT: I tried one more time before bed, and It finally posted overnight!!!!

And don't forget...during the month of June, individual or group orders of $250 or more will get you $25 EXTRA in free host merchandise, which makes it even easier to get your hands on this gorgeous stamp set! So you can handle this one of two ways:

1) Spend $250 or more all by yourself this month so you can get $50 or more FREE

2) Gather orders from friends that total $250 or more so you can get $50 or more FREE

Contact me with your questions!

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