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Why Now's the Time #2

Last week I told you about the #1 reason people sign up as a demonstrator: The Discount. But do you know why people stick around? It's the relationships with customers and fellow demonstrators. I have asked members of my team the question, "Why have you stayed a demonstrator for as long as you have?" Most of them would answer the same. That it's the relationships.

When you sign up as a demonstrator, it's like you've been let into the most wonderful exclusive club. There are multiple things when you sign up that help you develop relationships with other demonstrators:

- Demonstrator Planning Place, a Stampin' Up!®-run Facebook group

- Nutso Average Stampers Facebook group

- Invitations to our Nutso Average Stampers monthly meetings and team trainings in person or on Zoom

-Invitations to Stampin' Up!® events, such as on-stage

Getting together with demonstrators, whether it be in person or virtual, has formed lifelong friendships. I have seen it 10-fold in my own life, but I also see it every day in the lives of demonstrators on my team. They support each other, cheer each other on, encourage each other, pick each other up when they're down, comment on each other's posts, stamp together, be silly get the idea. I think pictures tell a thousand words, so here are just a few of my faves.

Each demonstrator in these pictures has their own story and their own stamping styles. Some are business builders, while others are happy shoppers (well, we're all that. ;). Some live in the midwest, others in the southwest. But we all have two things in common: We love each other, and we love Stampin' Up!® In this video we share many of the reasons we love being demonstrators. But in the end, it's about relationships.

So I guess this is how I feel: When it comes to stamping, I ain't me without you..I ain't a demonstrator without the people with whom I share. I ain't a part of the Stampin' Up!® family without my fellow demonstrators. I ain't a leader without my team.

Happy Stamping!


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