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The 12 Projects of Christmas 2021: Project #5

I admit it, Project #4 was crazy awesome, but also full of details, lengthier instructions, and lots of pieces. Project #5, on the other hand, is relatively simple. It's got a few unique details that makes it perfectly sweet and a card that people will want to open again and again.

The unique details that are worth pointing out...

  • The Shaded Spruce card base is actually a quarter sheet of cardstock. The Thick Basic White part of the card that opens is cut to fit on that card base perfectly.

  • Half of the front of the card is cut off, so when the circles are added, those can be seen when the card is open or closed.

  • The pine folder of the Wintry 3D Embossing Folders makes the perfect backdrop on the half front.

  • The circle frame cut from the Shaded Spruce cardstock encircles a full white circle, leaving a sweet window of space between the two. Unique and fantastic, right?

Sizes of cardstock for this card are as follows:

Shaded Spruce cardstock:

-3 1/2" square for the circle frame

-4 1/4" x 5 1/2"

Basic White cardstock:

-3" square for the white circle

-2" x 5", embossed

Thick Basic White cardstock:

-5 1/4" x 6 1/4", scored parallel to the short side at 4"

A couple of things to not forget. Make sure when adhering the circles, they're only adhered on the left halves. And also, don't forget to stamp the inside to give the recipient a reason to open this special card. :)

For a tutorial on how to make this card, you can watch here:

For a full list of supplies for this card, as well as links to each product in my online store, see below.

Stamping Blessings!


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תגובה אחת

Darla Zell
Darla Zell
28 ביוני 2022

I like this simple but very elegant card. It is something that I would enjoy making and sending. Good work Amy.

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