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COMING SOON: BOGO Sale, January 4-9

Please remember that shopping the BOGO sale means you must shop my online store after choosing your retired items. Here's how the BOGO sale works...

Step one (YOU): Join my BOGO Sale group on Facebook so you are ready to view and purchase all of the retired items I'll be posting on January 4. Join that Facebook group here.

Step two (ME): On Tuesday, I will upload more pictures of retired items I'm selling into albums in our Facebook group, including retiring items from the July-December 2021 Mini Catalog. Each item will be labeled with a price, and the albums are labeled clearly. E.g. Stamps, Bundles, Paper, Ribbon, etc. Last day to shop is Sunday, January 9.

Step three (YOU): Starting on Tuesday, January 4, scroll through the items and be the first to type "Mine" in the comments under the photos of the things you would like. Items will be given to the person to respond "Mine" first.

Step four (YOU, then double checked by ME): Add up your total cost of the "purchased" items, then go to my online store to place an order of that same amount. For instance, say you decide to purchase $25 worth of products on my BOGO Facebook page. Instead of paying me $25, head to my online store to place a $25 order using host code SNXAHVJ4. Please place your order relatively quickly so that I do not give your retired item choices to someone else.

Step five (ME): Time for me to prepare your retired items for shipping! Your retired items will be free, but you will need to pay the shipping. I will use the smallest possible flat-rate box for your items in order to get you your best deal. Payment for shipping can be made through PayPal, Venmo, Zelle or by cash or check. I'll send your retired items shortly after I receive that shipping payment.

So do you see now how this BOGO thing is pretty cool? Buy new, get retired for free! What a deal. If you have any questions, Please don't hesitate to comment here or email me using the email button at the button of this page.

Happy shopping, everyone!


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