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$1000 *birthday* Party

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

In my last blog post, I shared all of the current host products we have and how to get your crafty little hands on them. 😊 The next Annual Catalog has a couple amazing host items, too, and I'd like to help you get your hands on either one of those OR something you want to choose FREE from the catalog. I'd like to offer you the opportunity to get some host benefits without having to purchase enough to be considered a party. This is the $1000 Party I'm hosting to celebrate my 50th birthday, which happens in early May.

The theory behind the $1000 party is that 10 people each place an order of $100 using the same host code - in this case, JJG36ZWT. You can also simply use this link to shop my $1000 party host code: Each of those people will receive host benefits. Place your $100 order by Sunday, May 14, and you will receive 1/10 of the host benefits from the $1000 party, which ends up to be at least $16 free for you! In addition, I'll add on some gifts for YOU for my birthday:

  • a 2023-2025 In Color color combo booklet

  • a free card kit

If you would rather not make a $100 purchase but can make a $50 purchase to help us reach our $1000 party goal, you still receive the color combo booklet and the free card kit. What do you have to lose, especially if your wish list is a mile long?

Order by May 1, and take advantage of:

  • better prices on items that are rising in price in the new catalog on May 2

  • Pre-paid Paper Pumpkin subscriptions

  • items on the Last Chance list

Order after May 2, and purchase brand new goodies from the 2023-2024 Annual Catalog!

Having trouble deciding when to order? You could even split your order, spending $50 by May 1 and $50 after May 1 to get your host benefits from the $1000 party. What a great idea, huh? Order any time!

>>>And finally...what if you have an order to place on your own that reaches $150 and your own host benefits? GREAT! Don't use the host code...instead place the order on your own between April 15, 2023 and May 14, 2023, and receive the In Color color chart and free card kit, as well!<<<

If you've got any questions about the $1000 party, please contact me. I'm happy to help you take the best advantage.

Happy shopping!


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